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I am pleased you are visiting my website because I want to introduce you to my first work of fiction, which I recently completed. It is a historical, action-adventure, family saga that I have tentatively titled "Amsterdam Ascendant: A novel of rebellion, faith, and daring enterprise that launch a Golden Age."


It is 1572, and the Netherlands is in open revolt against its ruler Spain. In Amsterdam, an Inquisition is persecuting Protestants, starvation is lurking, and Calvinists and Catholics of the Van der Voort family are trying to stay alive. Meanwhile, sea captain Maarten van der Voort and his rebel fleet are fighting brutal battles with Spain's navy. When Amsterdam is finally freed from the Spanish yoke, Maarten and his family are reunited. Together, they rebuild their shattered lives, restart their trading business, risk all in pursuit of new trade routes, embrace immigrants and their new ideas, and help usher in Amsterdam's 1600s Golden Age.


You can read excerpts from this manuscript in FICTION IN PROGRESS and offer comments in the BLOG under the heading: "Enter your comments on my manuscript excerpts here . . ."


This will be the first novel of a trilogy. I am now looking for an agent to represent it.


My previous book was the nonfiction Fundamentals of Development Finance: A Practitioner's Guide, which was published when I was a real estate developer with my own firm in Washington, D.C.



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